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        At Transfiguration Academy, our goal is to implement or exceed Archdiocesan Curriculum Guidelines in all subject areas. Updated textbooks support an intensified contemporary curriculum. Courses are developmental, sequential, self-contained and departmental. A dedicated, degreed, certified and experienced faculty serves a multi-ethnic population by exhibiting a welcoming spirit, developing self-respect and valuing diversity in our community. In a positive learning environment, students are encouraged to be creative, develop life-long patterns of growth and development and reach their full potential. State of the art computer, science labs are available to students and support our extensive and intensive curriculum. Annual evaluation programs include: the Catholic High School Placement Test; Terra Nova Testing in K-8; and the Writing Assessment Test in Grades 4 and 7. Cultural programs and weekly periodicals enhance our programs and enrich our students.


        The Pre-K program at Transfiguration Academy is designed to provide a positive early learning experience for children ages 2 Plus to age 4, inclusive. To accommodate the varying needs of young children and their parents, several programs are offered as follows: 3, 4 and 5 half days to 3, 4 and 5 full days.

Our Pre-K program strives to develop basic knowledge and skills in religion, reading, language arts, math, writing, technology, art, physical education and music. Seasonal parties, in school “field trips,” special programs, and “reading buddy” activities with older students enhance the Pre-K experience. Our program is structured to help children grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically in a loving atmosphere.

Pre-K  2 Plus and 3 Year Old Program
     Young children learn to care and share in friendship through cooperative play. The day is filled with fun and learning with a great deal of teacher, teacher assistant and child interaction. Structured play situations include large building blocks and large puzzles, play dough, aerobics, family-pretend play and simple games.

      Circle time includes flag salute, children’s prayers, songs, stories, learning the days of the week, counting, shapes, colors and ABC’s.

     Hands-on projects are done one on one and include simple painting, pasting, following simple directions, learning to cut, using scissors and using pencils.

Special classes include, music and computer, each with certified teachers.


Pre-K 4 Year Old Program
     A variety of activities develop each student’s self-confidence, self-awareness, socialization skills, and academic readiness. Through visual, auditory and hands-on teaching techniques, students develop in a warm and loving environment under the guidance of the teacher and assistant. Pre-reading includes alphabet recognition, beginning letter sounds, letter formation, visual and auditory discrimination, rhyming, story comprehension and a sight word recognition vocabulary.

       Mathematical skills include number recognition from 1– 20, counting, comparing, patterning, graphing and more. Basic concepts of adding on and taking away are also discussed.

     Scientific topics include plants, seasons, weather and the solar system. Each year we also raise caterpillars to study the life cycle of the butterfly. Telephone addresses, the use of 911, fire prevention and other safety issues are learned to encourage our children to use proper safety.

     We create art projects and practice writing skills. Communication and language skills are developed in many ways, especially through “circle time” discussions and “show and tell” presentations.


     A  cooking program helps students to follow directions, measure, and make something from start to finish while watching the changes. This is an activity done in conjunction with the alphabet letters of the week.

    Our health hygiene program stresses good health habits (brushing teeth, eating good foods).

     Religion is an integral part of life in Pre-K. A religion program is done in conjunction with the weekly Gospel reading aimed at the student’s level of understanding. Morning prayers and grace are said daily. In addition to daily prayer, we participate in special activities for Thanksgiving, Lent, Christmas and other holy days. Class art projects compliment each holiday and season. Newsletters are done to keep parents informed of our activities, and parental involvement is encouraged. Class trips, both bus and walking, help the students to become independent and confident.


Daily activities stress social, emotional, motor, language, and cognitive development. The students receive physical education, computer class, music class, library, and a reading buddy program. The children are included in school activities such as the Thanksgiving breakfasts, participate in the Halloween parade and school Christmas show, and have a graduation ceremony in June.

Seasonal parties, in-school “field trips,” participation in and attendance at special programs, and “reading buddy” activities with older students enhance the Pre-K experience. Our program is structured to help children grow spiritually, emotionally and academically in a loving atmosphere.